Where Are the Best Coffee Beans in New Zealand?

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An image of coffee beans inside a roaster. This is at the top of Bean Merchant's blog for finding the best coffee beans in New Zealand.

That first sip. The caramel liquid runs over my tongue and down my throat. It takes a minute for my mind to register what has just passed between my lips. Then my eyes pop and I stare at the takeaway cup as if demanding it’s secrets.

Of course the coffee is incredible; it is a coffee roaster after all. But why this one? What makes this one stand out head and shoulders above all the other coffee roasters we’ve stopped at along the way?

The answer is actually pretty simple.

And today I’m not just going to tell you, I’m going to show you how you can replicate the perfect coffee at home, every time.

We know the best cafes around town that make coffee just the way we like it. We know which ones are our go-to’s for meet ups with friends, or that occasional awkward tinder date, but we need to dig a bit deeper to understand why they are the best coffee beans in New Zealand.

The best coffee beans is a very subjective statement. It depends what you like. Do you like fruity coffee, nutty coffee, chocolatey coffee, earthy coffee? So we need to abridge that statement with a ‘for you’.

What are the best coffee beans in New Zealand for you?

Stay with me,

It’s a two step process.

Knowing your tastes

Knowing yourself, and how you like your coffee is important. Do you like sweet, chocolate or caramel flavours? Or do you prefer tropical, fruity notes. Or perhaps a dark, earthy blend might be more down your alley. Whatever it is, you need to have a think, and reflect on what notes you like to taste in your coffee.

Some of those notes can be hard to spot in a cup sometimes. Some will appear in the first sip of the brew, some will appear and change as the coffee cools down to room temperature. Some will sit in the front of your tongue, and others at the back of your throat. It’s important to really think about what you’re tasting, and the different notes you can sense in your cup.

Don’t run away and brew yourself a mug just yet though, In our Matchmaker Quiz, Bean Merchant has some multiple choice questions with some of the most common flavours grouped together that might help you discern what you actually like.

Knowing your coffee

It’s important if you’re going to go down the track of finding the right coffee beans for you, that you know how different aspects of the growing and roasting process affect coffee.

For example, if you know you like to drink your coffee black, and know that you like tropical, fruity tastes in it, then you’re going to want to hunt out some Ethiopian beans that have been grown at a very high altitude and processed through a dry processing method.

If you know you like to drink coffee with milk, and like a standard sweet, cup of joe tasting joe, you’re going to want to hunt out some Brazillian, medium altitude coffee beans that have been processed through a semi-washed method.

Bean Merchant has taken the hassle out of learning all of these things though. We’ve added some more multiple choice questions to our Matchmaker that are grouped around all these different aspects, so we can do the thinking for you.

Finding the Beans

Usually coffee roasters will have either a whole range of coffee from different regions and processing methods, or they’ll stick with one region and do it really really well. You need to a find a coffee roaster that roasts to your style. Once you’ve found it, treasure it. Share it with your friends. Connect over a great cup of coffee.

We’ve done the searching for you. We’ve got a list of the top roasters in the country, who roast the best beans in the world, and deliver them direct to your doorstep. Our Matchmaker Quiz will ask you 6 simple questions and match you with beans that suit your tastes from these top roasters.

So what’s the catch?

There isn’t one.

No contracts, no hidden costs, cancel any time. All we want is for you to experience roaster-quality-coffee in the comfort of your own home.

We want you to feel the tastes you love running down your throat and seeping into your veins every morning when you get up.

Click here and try our matchmaker quiz.

If you don’t absolutely love the coffee you receive the first time, get in touch. I’ll send you a different bag of coffee, with a different flavour profile absolutely free.

Commitment is not for me

Looking for the best coffee that New Zealand has to offer but don’t want to commit to a subscription just yet?

No problem. Check out some of our best sellers and grab a bag to try.



Get matched to coffee beans from NZ's best roasters.

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