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A sign asks what your story is around a cup of coffee on the top of Bean Merchant's Best coffee Subscription 2023 page.

Talk about blowing our own trumpet, Who are we? How do we work? And why are we the self-proclaimed best coffee subscription in New Zealand.

Finding the best coffee beans in New Zealand was difficult. Tasting them all was even more arduous. All the different drinks we’ve tried; flat whites, long blacks, cold brews, iced coffees, all in the name of business.

Who are we?

We are Bean Merchant. Our vision is all around connection. Connecting you, the people, to some of the best coffee, beans or ground, that New Zealand has to offer. Connecting you with the wide variety of coffee roasters that are scattered around the country. Connecting you with the farmers, the process, the environment, that makes coffee taste the way it does.

We began in 2019 as a concept, and since then have grown over two years to having 10 roasters working with us, to having stacks of customers who connect with us on a weekly basis.

We are a team of people dedicated to finding coffee that you love, that is fresh, and that will keep you going throughout your day.

How do we work?

Our quiz is the main platform of our business. It asks you a few simple questions about flavours that you like in their coffee, and then searches through the array of coffee beans we have on offer to find the perfect match for you.

How do we match you with the perfect coffee beans every time I hear you ask? It’s complicated… We’ve developed an algorithm that looks at the wide variety of aspects that create flavour in coffee, from the environment of the farm where it was grown, to the roast profile that has been expertly crafted by the coffee roaster.

After your first order, your coffee bean subscription will cycle through all the top beans for you. You’ll get to try a range of beans from all NZ’s top coffee roasters. If you find one you love (which you will) you can pause your subscription on that bean in your dashboard for a while. Enjoying that particular beverage until you get sick of it, when you can switch your subscription back to a coffee bean rotation.

Why do we think we’re the best coffee subscription in NZ?

Our coffee bean subscriptions are flexible:

Our subscriptions are flexible to suit your lifestyle. Drink 20 cups a week? No problem. 40? Not an issue. You can customise the amount of coffee you get each order, and the timing of your order. If you want 250g of coffee beans every week, then we can cater to that. If you want 1kg of coffee beans a fortnight, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to suit your needs, not our own agenda. Customise your coffee subscription frequency, weight, and grind setting to suit you, your household, and your brew style.

New Zealand’s widest range of coffee beans:

Because we have so many coffee roasters on board with us, we can boast the widest range of coffee beans for any coffee subscription company in New Zealand. With an average of 4 coffee bean types per roaster, and the current list of 10 roasters, we have approximately 40 different bags of beans on offer. That’s a lot of choice when you’re trying to find your match. If you like a certain taste in your coffee, we’ve probably got it in our coffee beans.

Check our quiz out and connect New Zealand’s best coffee beans.



Get matched to coffee beans from NZ's best roasters.

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