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How to make Homemade Iced Coffee

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It’s scorching outside, so hot that you could fry an egg on the pavement. The heat from the sun saps your energy, and you retreat indoors to the relative cool. You’re looking for something delicious, refreshing, and rejuvenating to drink; Cue the homemade iced coffee.

The History of Iced Coffee

Iced coffee was originally called Marzagran, which originated in Algeria around 1840. The french were fighting near Marzagran, and decided to serve their troops cold coffee to attempt to combat the heat. When the soldiers returned to France, they asked local coffee houses to serve the drink, and lo the iced coffee was born.

Iced coffee today

Iced coffee today takes many different forms. Starbucks have popularised the drink with their iced frappuccino, which is half frappe (chilled in ice) and Cappuccino. There are numerous things people add to their iced coffee, like ice cream or different syrups. We’re going to focus on a plain, simple, delicious homemade iced coffee

How to make Homemade Iced Coffee

If you’re going to make the best Iced Coffee, you’re going to need to use cold brew made the day before from freshly roasted beans. Check out our coffee quiz to match yourself with freshly roasted beans perfect for cold brew.


  • Cold Brew Coffee
  • A tall Glass
  • Ice
  • Milk
  • A milk frother, or a french press (plunger)
  • Water (optional)


Step 1

Add ice to your glass

Step 2

Add a small amount of cold brew to your glass

Step 3

Add a small amount of water (optional if you don’t want fully concentrated coffee)

Step 4

Add desired amount of milk

Step 5


And you’re finished. Enjoy the refreshing, delicious iced coffee. Perfect for long summer days.



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