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Experience the rich blend of ethics and flavor with Fair Trade Organic by Sacred Grounds. This dark roast pour-over coffee features Arabica beans sourced from high altitudes in Central America, offering a distinctive flavor profile of Brazil Nut, Milk Chocolate, and a Soft Honey Taste. Certified Fair Trade and Organic, each sip supports ethical practices from cultivation to compostable packaging. Elevate your pour-over experience with the delightful harmony of Fair Trade Organic – a conscious and flavorful choice for your daily ritual.



Indulge in the ethically crafted perfection of Fair Trade Organic coffee by Sacred Grounds. This dark roast blend, a testament to the company’s commitment to both environmental sustainability and social responsibility, is a delightful journey into the world of meticulously sourced and roasted Arabica beans. Cultivated at high altitudes between 1200m and 1500m above sea level in the vibrant landscapes of Central America, every sip of Fair Trade Organic tells a story of ethical farming practices, from cultivation to compostable packaging.

The beans used in Fair Trade Organic undergo a thorough wet (washed) process, ensuring a clean and crisp flavor profile. This meticulous method involves the removal of cherry pulp before drying, preserving the beans’ inherent qualities. Grown in the high-altitude regions of Central America, the slow maturation process imbues the beans with a unique complexity that unfolds in every pour-over cup.

Sacred Grounds’ Fair Trade Organic coffee proudly carries the Fair Trade and Organic certifications. Beyond the rich flavor experience, each cup supports fair wages for farmers and promotes environmentally friendly farming practices. The commitment to fair trade and organic principles is reflected not only in the flavor but also in the conscious packaging – compostable materials that align with the brand’s dedication to sustainability.

Recognized for its distinctive flavor profile of Brazil Nut, Milk Chocolate, and a Soft Honey Taste, Fair Trade Organic is a sensory delight that harmonizes ethical sourcing with exceptional taste. The dark roast accentuates the robustness of the Brazil Nut, while the Milk Chocolate notes bring richness, and the Soft Honey Taste adds a layer of sweetness. Pour-over brewing method allows these flavors to shine, creating a well-balanced and aromatic experience.

With every cup of Fair Trade Organic, you’re not just savoring exceptional coffee; you’re contributing to a sustainable and fair coffee ecosystem. Elevate your pour-over ritual with Sacred Grounds and Fair Trade Organic – a harmonious blend of ethics, altitude, and flavor.

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