Euereka Mignon Oro Single Doser Coffee Grinder

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Welcome to the beginning of your coffee revolution.

Dial up your flavour.

Dial up your textures.

Dial up your grind profile.

The most significant part of any baristas equipment is their grinder. Don’t be caught short with an inbuilt, or third rate grinder that terrorises your beans. Lean into the most innovative grinder on the market. .01g of retention. Uniform grind size from pourover to turkish coffee.

Level up your home espresso experience with the Eureka Mignon Oro.

Some of our favourite videos of the Eureka Mignon Oro Single Doser.

50g Bean Hopper with bellows

The Eureka Mignon Oro Single Doser Grinder comes equipped with Bellows to help maintain zero retention. Pump the bellows after grinding to push through the remaining grinds in the burrs.

Eureka Mignon Single Doser Coffee Grinder 65mm Burrs

65mm Diamond Inside Burrs

Get a consistent coffee grind size with the Eureka Mignon Oro Single Dose Coffee Grinder and it's 65mm diamond inside burrs.

Eureka Mignon Oro New Zealand Stepless Adjustment

Stepless Grind Adjustment

Don't be limited by steps on a grinder, use the stepless grind adjustment to change your grind with micro adjustments.


 The Oro single doser is the newest grinder in the Eureka Mignon line of coffee grinders. The Eureka Mignon Oro is forward leaning for zero retention and offers at home coffee drinkers a single dose alternative to other coffee grinders in the Eureka Mignon line. 

The price of the Eureka Mignon Oro is $1495.00 New Zealand Dollars for black or white, and $1595.00 New Zealand Dollars for chrome. Now NZ home coffee drinkers will be able to access Eureka Mignon’s most recent zero retention, single dose coffee grinder.

The Oro single doser coffee grinder revolutionises coffee drinking in NZ homes. The single doser coffee grinder allows consistent grinding of coffee beans, giving us a consistent coffee shot without having a hopper full of coffee. The only coffee grinder in the Eureka Mignon line with bellows allow a forceful push of air to get all of the remaining coffee grinds out of the grinder for zero retention.

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