Regions and Coffee Flavours

An image of coffee beans obscured by a coffee tree. This is on the top of a blog on Bean Merchant that discusses the regional varieties in coffee beans

There are many variations throughout the different coffee producing regions. Many of these are down to different factors like the climate of the area, the altitude that the coffee beans are farmed at, and the processing methods of the region. There are ‘expected’ flavours that come out of each region, but there are always variations […]

Types of Coffee Beans and Coffee Flavours

A man roasting coffee beans in an iron skillet. The different variety of coffee beans impact flavour, this blog on Bean Merchant's website talks about how.

Coffee beans, they’re not all created equal. So what are the different types of coffee beans, and what are their characteristics? Today we’re going to dive into the three types of beans, and what makes them unique. Types of Coffee Bean Plants: There are three types of coffee bean plants; Arabica, Robusta, and Liberica, with […]

Coffee Processing Methods and Coffee Flavours

coffee being held in a hand under a waterfall. Part of the blog on the Bean Merchant page that explains different types of coffee processing, dry processing, wet processing, semi washed processing, and luwak processing

There are three different processes the coffee can go through after it has been picked. Wet (washed), Dry, and Semi-Dry.  Each of these processes significantly alters the taste of the coffee brewed with the end product (coffee beans). Some of the processes are also more aligned with certain regions, for example, the dry process is more often used in […]