How to make incredible chemex coffee

Taste the fruity, chocolatey, nutty notes of an incredibly well brewed Chemex coffee. 

Chemex is a lesser-known way of brewing coffee. It brings our especially fruity flavours of beans, and minimises coffee bitterness. Today we’ll explore the things you need to know to make incredible chemex coffee. 

Chemex coffee brewing

Fresh Beans for your Chemex

The one biggest thing that you can do to improve the taste of your chemex is to use fresh beans.

Chemex brewing is best with fruity single origin beans from places like ethiopia, or kenya. As the coffee ages, it’s flavour and aroma breaks down and becomes stale. Usually by around the two week mark, many of the flavours you look for in your brew have disappeared all together.

If you’re looking to improve the flavour of your chemex coffee, buy direct from the roaster. 

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To make chemex coffee, you will need:

A Chemex

Chemex coffee beans

Coffee (Fresh)

Chemex Filter Paper

Boiling Water