"A sensational coffee Subscription"

Get a coffee subscription personalised to your tastes, from a range of New Zealand’s top roasters.

Fresh Coffee personalised through the quiz

Personalised to You

Our quiz matches you with a coffee subscription that suits your tastes.

Freshly Roasted coffee, personalised to your taste buds

Freshly Roasted

Every roaster becomes your local roaster with the freshest coffee delivered to your door. 

Widest range of coffee roasters

Widest Range

We’re constantly updating our range of coffee to give you the best matches available. 

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"It's completely revolutionised my home coffee game"

"It's opened me up to a whole new world that I never knew existed."

"My subscription turns over like clockwork whenever I need new coffee"

How it works

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Take our quiz and we'll provide a coffee subscription personalised to your tastes.

Set a delivery schedule and never run out of coffee again.

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Experience the sensational flavours of a personalised coffee subscription.

Our Award Winning Roasters:

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What Our Customers Say

We’ve investigated coffee growing patterns,

processing methods and roasting profiles to give you coffee catered to your brewing methods and tastes.

We’ll bring you coffee that suits your palate, for you to enjoy at any time of day. We’ll cater the coffee to you, you sit back, relax and enjoy it. 

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Bean Merchant's Wide range of coffee roasters

Locally Made

All of our coffees have been sourced from among New Zealands top roasters.

We don’t skimp on quality. With us you will get only the best coffee from among New Zealand’s top roasters.